Wakaliwood: Uganda’s Indie Filmmaking Quentin Tarantino – IFH 021

Wakaliwood: Uganda’s QuentinTarantino On this podcast we get a real understanding of exactly what the meaning of “passion” is.

Alan Hofmanis and Isaac Nabwana open on how they make a Wakaliwood action movie, how Isaac taught himself every element of the filmmaking procedure and exactly what he want to see Ramon Films Production and Wakaliwood end up being on the world phase.

I alway hear reasons why indie filmmakers do not shoot on making their independent movie. Like insufficient cash, I do not know any film writers, do not have the video camera I desire, cannot get name actors, do not comprehend post production, cannot discover individuals to assist and the list continues.

I hope this podcast lights a fire under the asses of every indie filmmaker that pays attention to it.


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