THIRST – post-apocalyptic short movie – indie science-fiction drama



In a post-apocalyptic world where each drop of water might be their last, a girl and her uncle battle to make it through against all odds.Directed Written & Produced by James Durham also Written and Produced by John Becker Starring: Nick Duckworth, Rowan Olivia Tarmy, Jenny Donovan, Sean James, Peter Pereyra

Running time: 29 mins

THIRST is a micro-budget independent short movie set in a post-apocalyptic world where a devastating event poisoned the worldwide water system, erasing the majority of the populace. A girl struggles with questions of humankind on the edge of life as well as death while attempting to make it through with a disgraced uncle that wishes for forgiveness. Engaging characters drive a powerful story of loss and redemption amongst the survivors that, tested to their limitations, have to determine exactly what it means to be human.

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