Sullen (2009): Indie Zombie Flick

Plot Summary:Schmitty (Adam Huddleston) is in a rut. His car died on him, he really hates his job, his girlfriend dumped him, and he spends his weekends smashing alcohol until he passes out. To snap him out of his funk his friend Jim (J Lalonde) pushes him into attending a cocktail party at their friend Guy’s sprawling country home, with nothing round for miles other than a deserted cemetery.

Guy (Greg Hewett) has invited everybody he knows…Sadly that’s only about eight dudes. With no alternative but to devour brain-deadening amounts of alcohol, they drink themselves into oblivion.

Morning comes, and with it a crushing hangover and a straggler from the party, the irritable Mixon (John Trenter), who demands a ride home, NOW!!!!

The electricity is out, the telephones are useless and it is simply then that the boys uncover they’ve more company than they realized…

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