Space Daze – Full Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Movie

Al Manac is an investigative reporter seeking for the existence of intergalactic aliens on Earth.

Plot Summary:
Follows the comedic science fiction misadventures of an unfortunate tabloid journalist who stumbles upon an alien plan to take over the world. He tries to uncover the reality and lift his lagging ratings before the intergalactic aliens take over!

Corey Haim was initially slated to appear in this movie, however was unable to enter the nation from his native Canada on account of pending legal issues.

Directed by

John Wesley Norton (as J.W. Norton)

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

John Wesley Norton (as J.W. Norton)

Cast (in credits order)

James Vallo James Vallo
Al Manac / Cartilage Man
Tom Lindsey Tom Lindsey
Drunk Veteren
Byron Thames Byron Thames
Darryl Giambalvo Darryl Giambalvo
Marty the Drunk (as Darryl the Actor)
Michael Wexler Michael Wexler
Max Harmon
Adam P. Adam P.
Shriner Victim
Pete O'Grady Pete O’Grady
Paranoid Man / Testicle Alien / Peace Loving Alien
Elizabeth Grant Elizabeth Grant
Female Reporter
Heather McDonnell Heather McDonnell
Sexy Abducted Woman (as Sexy Abducted Women)
Leslie Slavin Leslie Slavin
Chuck Norris Benefactor
Chess Valenti Chess Valenti
Francessa / Women for Worlds United
John Laubhan John Laubhan
David Orris David Orris
Dr.McGee (as Dave Lester)
Larry Rapach Larry Rapach
Rich Bowler
Erin Carere Erin Carere
Christy Carmicheal (as Erin Muir)
Joe Schuman Joe Schuman
George Ogden
Justin Wexler Justin Wexler
On-Set Grip (as Mike Wexler’s Nephew)
Heather Brazier Heather Brazier
Make Up Lady
Corey Feldman Corey Feldman
Lawrence Palmasano Lawrence Palmasano
Dr. E.G. Nog
Jimmi Martin Jimmi Martin
Brian Johnson (as Jimmy Martin)
John Wesley Norton John Wesley Norton
Patrolman Midok / Hans Morrison / Commander Lyle (as J.W. Norton)
Robert J. Steinmiller Jr. Robert J. Steinmiller Jr.
Qzzy Jaloppy
Tim Barrett Tim Barrett
Chef Louie / Houston Control
Robert Fox Robert Fox
Robert Foster
Joe Bartley Joe Bartley
Major Marlon Marco
Salil Sheth Salil Sheth
Fainting Doctor
Larry Benson Larry Benson
Running Soldier
Dave Masak Dave Masak
Running Soldier / 2nd Bartender
Guido Dekruyff Guido Dekruyff
Running Soldier / Electric Sammy
Robert Foreman Robert Foreman
Running Soldier
Carl Boululite Carl Boululite
Running Soldier (as Carl Bouluite)
Bret Nelson Bret Nelson
Running Soldier
Brian Bobb Brian Bobb
Running Soldier
Michael Wicklein Michael Wicklein
The Jones Family
Jennifer Wicklein Jennifer Wicklein
The Jones Family
Patti Hallock Patti Hallock
The Jones Family
Madison Hallock Madison Hallock
The Jones Family
Savannah Hallock Savannah Hallock
The Jones Family
Dustin Castillo Dustin Castillo
The Jones Family
Brandon Castillo Brandon Castillo
The Jones Family
Jason Castillo Jason Castillo
The Jones Family
John Dieter John Dieter
Spaced-Out Pot Patron
Tana Michelle Tana Michelle
Matt Matoon Matt Matoon
Tonya Wheeler Tonya Wheeler
Blonde chick
Russell Roberts Russell Roberts
Russle / Women for Worlds United
Tom Stone Tom Stone
Prison Guard #1
Matt Kissane Matt Kissane
Prison Guard #2
Carl Garner Carl Garner
Rodney the Prisoner
Katrina Lenk Katrina Lenk
Elania Hoffman
Eileen Berret Eileen Berret
Feminist Leader
Lori Norton Lori Norton
Women for Worlds United
Georgette Rubenstone Georgette Rubenstone
Women for Worlds United (as Georgette Robenstone)
Breana Schwarz Breana Schwarz
Women for Worlds United
Erin Gigl Erin Gigl
Women for Worlds United
Kensey Shaw Kensey Shaw
Women for Worlds United
Heidi Roemer Heidi Roemer
Women for Worlds United
Colleen Liddy Colleen Liddy
Women for Worlds United
Frank Didlaukies Frank Didlaukies
Women for Worlds United (as Frankie Didlaukies)
Lane London Lane London
Women for Worlds United
Katie Zema Katie Zema
Women for Worlds United
Julia Zema Julia Zema
Women for Worlds United
Lindsey Oelerking Lindsey Oelerking
Women for Worlds United
Natalie White Natalie White
Women for Worlds United
Mary Brandt Mary Brandt
Women for Worlds United
Jamie Millett Jamie Millett
Women for Worlds United
Griselda Heinandz Griselda Heinandz
Women for Worlds United
Danielle Duchorme Danielle Duchorme
Women for Worlds United
Renae Horn Renae Horn
Women for Worlds United
Zasmine Russell Zasmine Russell
Women for Worlds United
Kristin Holm Kristin Holm
Women for Worlds United (as Kristy Holm)
Megan Korbel Megan Korbel
Women for Worlds United
Tricia Kerrigan Tricia Kerrigan
Women for Worlds United
Marie Cloycarpe Marie Cloycarpe
Women for Worlds United
Britt Wambash Britt Wambash
Women for Worlds United
Cody Brewer Cody Brewer
Women for Worlds United
D. Halling Lewis D. Halling Lewis
Larry the Boss (as Dave Lewis)
Josh Margolis Josh Margolis
Dick Skyward
Tom Lally Tom Lally
Col. Timmothy Fleeton
Terry Domschke Terry Domschke
Houston Control (voice)

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