On The Edge Of Film Making Part 2

In this 2nd podcast in the series “On the Edge of Film Making” author, producer, director Richard Chambers covers the evidence of principle trailer made throughout pre production on The Shadow Sea.
TheShadow Sea is film noir at its finest. A terrible story with a dubious anti hero driven by his desire for redemption The Shadow Sea takes you into the dark basement of the Land of Smiles where absolutely nothing is exactly what it appears to be.
Shot guerrilla design on place in Bangkok from mid 2013 through early 2014 The Shadow Sea remains in the late phases of post production since this writing. Without any spending plan to deal with more than 50 volunteers from a half lots nations were combined by author, producer, director Richard Chambers in an effort that might end up being ranked as one of the most remarkable in motion picture history.

Sourceby R Chambers.

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