Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film – Without A Crew – For $10,000-$6,000 Or Less Revised & Expanded For DSLR Filmmakers

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Whether your objective is to get into Hollywood or the regional film celebration, post to the Internet, or just to show to everybody (and yourself) that you were indicated to make movies. Stop banging your head versus the wall– Make Your Movie Yourself! “Naked Filmmaking” is freshly revised & expanded for DSLR filmmakers, with more than 50% more details than the very first edition of Naked Filmmaking (very first edition consisted of 65,000words – brand-new edition includes over 101,000words) and over 100 brand-new pictures. One-Man Filmmaker MIKE CARROLL guides you through his tested action-by-action procedure of the best ways to single-handedly make a feature- length film without declaring bankruptcy at the same time. Mike has single-handedly made 3 functions as author-producer-director-cinematographer-soundrecordist-editor, all which have actually played in film celebrations on the cinema. Mike reveals action-by-action the best ways to: Write a script that you can manage to make. Cast & directactors Pick cams & lenses. Shooting techniques &lighting Know the distinction in microphones & record idealsound Modifying – it’s more that simply cutting shots together. Discovering music & producing sound impacts. Construct a site to promote your film, style a poster & promotion for celebrations. Self-distributeyour film to the world. “This is not so much a How-To book for making movies, because there are plenty of those out there—almost all of which seem to say the same thing. This is a How-I-Do book, how I make a film—from concept to production to editing to how I design the poster for screenings—because I think my method is quite a bit different from most other filmmakers. And a heck of a lot less expensive!” Mike even consists of comprehensive spending plan breakdowns of his 2 feature movies to reveal precisely how you can make a motion picture for $10,000- or $6,000- or less! 20- page movie script extract – with frame blow-ups – from Mike’s film “Nightbeats.” Illustrated with over 250 pictures.

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