Home Grown Filmmaking – How to Shoot a Bigger Movie: part 3

In this last video about how to shoot a bigger motion picture, Annie discusses a few of the concepts behind leading a reliable and pleased group.

The Home Grown Filmmaker series is for no-spending plan, no-resource filmmakers who feel stuck in their knowing procedure.

Hosted by: Annie Poling, Director at Rogue Zohu Productions.
Video camera: Josiah Poling.
Editors: Josiah Poling and Noah Marshall.
Makeup: Wink and a Smile Makeup.
A Rogue Zohu Production.
HomeGrown Filmmaker Playlist:www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrwwuwrK4_Y&index=1&list=PLx7LIaySoMOyFfR9KrQpZK89XhGtDmMuB
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YouTube Channel:www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2ih_mQDnLg8BkVass6UzQ


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