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FurtherUp Yonder is offered for download in 2K initial resolution on my blog site:wp.me/p2fVm6-bv
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*** UPDATE/ 100.000Plays! ***.
After simply a week, we reached the remarkable objective of 100 K plays. Thanks to everyone who shared, commented, liked and got influenced by enjoying Further UpYonder It has actually been an extreme week, invested addressing a lots of good messages that individuals from all over the world sent out to me. You enabled to have this video included on blog sites, online forums and significant media sites throughout today. You assisted this video crossing borders, as the astronauts asked us, connecting to every continent. Thanks for your extraordinary assistance. Keep sharing!

*** TO THE STARS! ***.

A timelapse message from ISS to all Humankind. – 2K variation offered on my blog site:wp.me/p2fVm6-bv

I wished to utilize images drawn from the International Space Station to narrate and share the message sent out by the astronauts who dealt with the station in the last 11 years.

They are working to open a Gateway to Space for all mankind, however individuals in the world should comprehend that they need to eliminate the principle of verge on our world if they wish to follow the astronauts to brand-new worlds in deep space. While the cosmonauts speak a day hands down Earth, from dawn to sunset, till the Gateway opens with a burst of light. The ISS then acquires speed, the astronauts are leaving our world which they see spinning much faster and much faster, combining earth, oceans and individuals together, prepared to follow them, Further UpYonder

Making from.

As a filmmaking trainee, this was my very first effort to craft a timelapse video. It has actually been a time consuming procedure, however it ended up as one of my most gratifying jobs.

I focused my workflow on colours and consistency of motions, syncing every frame with the music and the voices of the astronauts. Every picture has actually been post processed separately prior to being imported in the NLE software application, as I aimed to take the most from every image in regards to colours, contrast and neatiness.

Images were downloaded from the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center and modified with Photoshop CS6. Even if they were Hi-res images shot with Nikon D3S electronic cameras, a great deal of sound elimination and color correction was required, specifically for those chance ats ISO 3200, which was the greatest ISO speed limitation I’ve enabled myself to utilize, exception produced the last sequence of the spinning world, which originates from a sequenze of shots taken at ISO12800 Daytime shots were taken at ISO200 I’ve utilized Topaz Denoise 5 for sound elimination, as it is extremely effective and precise when handling shadows and blacks.

Modifying was made with Adobe Premiere CS6, with a 2K workflow, which enabled me to scale, turn and pan image series whose native resolution is 4K. The video was downscaled to 1280 x720resolution for Vimeo. The initial 2K variation is offered for download on my blog site (link on top of this description).

Images thanks to Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, downloadable for non-commerical usage

Music: Synthetic Truth, by digitalR3public – accredited under a Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 License:soundcloud.com/digitalr3public/synthetic-truth

Audio messages thanks to NASA:www.nasa.gov





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