FilmSkills Editing: Master the Art and Process of Film Editing (Behind the Screen) (Volume 6)

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Emmy-winning tv and film directors and editors take you inside the process and psychology of film editing, and ways to direct the edit. Find out ways to effectively shoot your footage on set to optimize your alternatives in the editing space, when to cut from one shot to the next, ways to pick your shot choice, ways to deal with the editor, and ways to produce the most feeling in each scene. FilmSkills: Editing takes directors step-by action through the editing process itself from establishing a workflow and handling your information through the assembly cut, rough cut, great cut, online process, and color grading. Find out ways to carry out test screenings, handle feedback from producers, and provide an end product that satisfies both technical needs in addition to the director’s vision. Find out • The Art of Editing • Shooting for the Edit • Data and Media Management • Post-Production Workflows • Work with an Editor • The Assembly Cut • Build an Editing System • The Rough Cut • Test Screenings • Stock Footage • Editing Dialogue • How to Edit Action • Edit Types • Compression Techniques • Online/Offline Editing • Color Timing • Titles and Graphics • Digital Effects.

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