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Saat ini, movie EPIC JAVA hanya dijual dalam bentuk HD Download dengan dua pilihan resolusi; yaitu 1080 p dan 720 p.
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We want to notify you that we offer the softcopy/ information files HD Quality of EPIC JAVA in 1080 p and 720 p, so everybody who wishes to enjoy this movie can download it.
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a Production of EMBARA Films.


a discussion video for our upcoming movie, EPICJAVA


EPICJAVA is a visual of deep space and human culture. A browsing procedure of the secrets of life and whatever associated to it. A reflective representation that will take us into God power. Breaking the limits of measurements and offer an extraordinary area experience. It welcomes audience to take a trip into the visual from other’s perspective.

EPICJAVA is a non-narrative movie streamed with music that will bring you to spectacular minutes that took place from east to the west of Java. Highlighting deep space based of the motion of the sun through DSLR timelapses photography and sluggishmotion

Follow the procedure of movie here:.
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If anybody thinking about supporting this movie, don’t hesitate to call us by e-mail embarafilms@gmail.com.


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