Dark Superman Full Fan Film


A” What if” story set in the DC Universe. Capture your favorite heroes as well as bad guys in this legendary fan film. Superman goes rogue in this 45 min high-energy flick. The Justice League, Teen Titans as well as a host of DC’s favorites clash in this comic book event. Will Superman destroy the world? Could the world’s finest stop the attack of the invading Red Lantern Corps. The comics world will certainly never ever be the same. This is a fan film devoted to cosplayers, comic book enthusiasts, movie fans and also any person right into sci-fi fantasy. No kickstarter or outside financing was utilized. I am not attempting to sell any of these works in the completed film since a bulk of characters included are not my creations. I, Jamal Johns, began this task with my brother Nino Ascencio in February of 2013. We collected our good friends, family members and also actors from all our surroundings to bring you this unique tale of Superman surging right into the dark side.
! THIS FILM IS NOT FOR KIDS! * As a result of the nature of this program audience discretion is encouraged. Rated [PG13]

Running Time: 44:00

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